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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Restless night

2006-03-23 "My tears have been my food day and night" Psalm42:3 Last night was a restless night. Mikala whine all night-not cry-whine, she wanted her mommy to hold her and/or touch her. The only real problem- four of us are confined in a small living space-O'well maybe tonight we'll get some rest. Mikala is atleast in a good mood this morning. One more day in Changsha. We are getting ready for a buffet breakfast in the hotel, a touring and then maybe some shopping. GOD BLESS all who walk in his righteous path and steadfast to His Word.


Nancy Korb said...

Remember, up until now, Mikala has only been one of a number of orphans. It's going to take a few days that these new people in her life don't consider her to be a mere number. And Glenn....do you see too many 6 ft. tall, bald headed men in China? Think what must be going through her little 19 month old mind....she's not sure what you are yet. LOL.

Nancy Korb said...

Getting down on her level will help alot.

Pastor George said...

I'm so pleased at how well you are handling all this.
May God's grace continue to bless your adjustments.
Pastor George


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