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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Today's the day!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5 Well, here we are, just 3-hours away from "Gotcha"!!! It is 5 a.m. here and I have to say that I would have actually slept later this morning except that somehow the hotel managed to override our thermostat and turned the heat on! We keep turning it off and somehow it keeps coming back on lol. So anyhow it looks like 4 o'clock is my hour to rise. (This is Susan by the way, Glenn posted yesterday and will probably be posting tomorrow). Yesterday was a wonderful day filled with real Chinese culture, not the touristy stuff we had been having, but the real China. We attended a local Christian church and I was very surprised when God in his infinite power made it possible for me to actually understand most of what was being said. The Church itself was very pretty, and filled with a very solemn congregation. I will post pictures, but you just cannot imagine the area where the church was. It was at the end of a long open market. There were fruit stands and meat hangers. There were people with many disabilities that you would have to dig deep in your imagination to picture. They openly slaughtered frogs and chickens and packaged then for you right there. Very hard for me because that sort of thing just makes me want to become vegetarian. Anyhow, after church we were hurried out of the market by our guides and taken to WALMART. But it is different, but it is the same LOL. It is several stories tall with a underground parking garage and escalator to each floor. The prices for the most part are pretty awesome and the merchandise pretty much the same, so needless to say we did do some damage. Ok, Ok, I know that you all have enjoyed hearing all of this talk to our tourism but are now ready for the real reason we are here....stay tuned....I may get something posted before you all go to bed!! P.S. Logan is doing great! He is having a wonderful time and what a great kid!! Our travel mates, a family from Kentucky, just love him to pieces. We have really hit it off with them, and I think, have made friends for life.


Wendy said...

Good luck Susan! I so wish we were on this trip together, but I will be jumping for joy when I get to see Mikala.
I think Americans are so far removed from our food that we don't always remember our chicken nuggets come from chickens and burgers come from cows--try not to be too discouraged at seeing the animals killed for food; at least they are not pumped with hormones!
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I am sitting on the edge of my seat. Goosebumps, I cant wait to see your pictures. Enjoy.
Jen Garofalo


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