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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Home at last!

Sorry this has taken soooo long! Life with a 20month old is busy busy busy! I know that many of you have the same question...how is Mikala getting along with all those dogs??!! Well, she is doing great! She loves the dogs, particularly Amy, and the feeling is mutual! Amy is the one dog we were worried about and she is "mothering" Mikala. p.s. Amy is also pregnant!! Its really going great. We are all exhausted and 8 p.m. sounds like a good bedtime these days. Mikala does not sleep all that well she sleeps very soundly for about an hour and then is awake and checking for me. These last couple of days she has really bonded with her Daddy too and allows him to do things for her (thank heaven!!) he was able to feed her her bottle tonight which is a first. Logan is of course so much fun who wouldn't love him, so no problems there lol. We have started the round of physicals with each of her doctors and I really feel bad to have her poked and prodded by so many different people but it is all necessary. She will have her surgery scheduled soon and the Surgeon is confident that all will go well and that the cleft is all left sided but we need to make sure her heart and kidneys are healthy before she can have the surgery. Very tired now...but thank you to everyone for all your support! I will keep posting hopefully at least weekly now. God Bless.


Nancy Korb said...

Well, with the cleft, maybe it's a little early to turn off the monitor....but daddy could get up some, couldn't he? And he can be firm about her going back to bed, and not getting her own way. He might be a little more successful than soft mommy.

Sleep well and I pray you strength in dealing with a 2 year old...and especially one who feels as insecure as she does at the moment. She will get past it. God gave you to each other and in his wisdom, he knew what would go well. Trust in him and your husband and rest.

I love you.

Wendy said...

I am so glad to hear it. Hopefully they can keep the shots and blood draws to a minimum. Sorry I have been awol lately--long story. I am so happy for you guys! I would love to chat when you get the chance--sounds like it may be awhile. Congrats!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you made it home and she is adjusting, I know it is hard. It is funny how we forget how much work the little one's are, but it is all worth it. If you need to talk about and medical info, I could probably help. We just got back from Shans hosptil our self's. Keep posting and if you need anything just call or e mail. Can't wait to meet her in person.
Beverly, Todd & Kids

ps She will probably out run all the boys when soccer season starts again.


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