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Friday, April 28, 2006

"I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of HIM" 1Samuel 1:27

Hello everyone! This has been a pretty good week, Mikala and I went to our first park playdate and had such a great time! I think she will thrive from watching other children run around! She is now giving me kisses and hugs pretty regularly and sometimes without me asking! Her hair is growing and driving me nuts because it has a mind of its own right now and she will not keep any clips in. She LOVES to have her hair done but she also loves the taste of the clips and whatever I put in there, in fact Our Mikala loves the taste of anything! This week she has eaten a beetle and a stick...and try as I may she is quick to find these things! We have finally scheduled Mikala's surgery. It will God willing be June the 29th. Please keep her in your prayers for a quick recovery. This girl has a great spirit and I love her so much I cannot believe how lucky we are to have her with us. She puts more smiles on our faces in a single day than I can count. And to watch Logan with her makes my heart want to burst with joy, what a pair they make! She now follows him whereever he goes and loves to just play near him.

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