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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ms. Teddy in my pocket

This is Ms. Teddy, she spent the day with me in my pocket! She went with me all the way to Winter Park to see my Doctor. I was scared when the Doctor came in and wanted to see my mouth! I cried and cried, but Ms. Teddy never left my side. Ms. Teddy and Mr. Teddy both sleep with me every night. Mama says that when I go for my surgery soon I can take both Mr. Teddy and Ms. Teddy with me. I think that will help me to not be as scared.  Posted by Picasa

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Nancy Korb said...

In her pictures you can't tell anything is wrong. I see a couple of tiny scars in some, but she is absolutely beautiful She's going to be just fine and she couldn't have better parents.


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