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Friday, June 23, 2006

Sleeping in my big bed!!!

Saying goodbye was just exhausting for these two Mama's.....this is Mikala's first time sleeping in her big bed!!! Stay tuned......  Posted by Picasa


Wendy said...

Oh so cute! Did she go down without a fight? I can't wait to hear how it is going.
Madeline is in her bed for naps and in a play yard by the bed for nighttime. She is not up for the not being within eyesight yet at night. The "big move" for us will hopefully come after we get back from the doctor in Philly the beginning of next month.
Best to you all.

Nancy Korb said...

The puppies are going to miss Mikala..she's obviously grown very attached to them and them to her.

Nancy Korb said...

That is an awfully big bed for such a little bitty baby. Does she like it?

Anonymous said...

I cannot beleive she is already for the big bed, that is great. I knew you guys would be the best thing for her. She looks soooooooo! happy and we cannot wait to meet her. The puppies are so adorable, Megan saw them and wants one. I told her to start saving now (HA HA). I hope your summer keeps going so well.
Beverly, Todd & Kids


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