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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Post op

Mikala did very well through the surgery. She had a little trouble with her O2 Level dropping but after about 2hrs it seemed to come back up and stay up. She was given some extra pain medicine during surgery, and so was very slow to come out. Through the night she was uncomfortable to say the least. The Tylenol with codeine did not seem to help her much and actually made her nauseous and she began to run a slight fever each time she was given it so we finally asked them to stop and switch to plain Tylenol. This she did not seem to mind at all, because the codeine had alcohol and burned each time she had to take it! One thing that I would definately have done differently was to ask for her to be put in a bed instead of a crib. She did not want to sleep in the crib by herself and so most of the night I ended up trying to hold her in a chair which was not comfortable for either of us! Had we been given a bed I could have at least lain next to her and held her that way. Notice the braces on her arms...she was quite easiely able to slip her arms out of these...we are now working on a better method.  Posted by Picasa

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