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Friday, August 18, 2006

Growing, growing!

This outfit was made for Mikala by her Nana, she looks absolutely adorable in it, and it fits so well! Our little peanut is now 30" tall!! I cannot believe how much she has grown! Today she finally learned to "say" the word "NO" (she has been shaking her had no for a while now), let me tell you...she ran through the house shouting "no"..."No"...."NO"....to everything and anyone who would listen!! I just KNOW we will be regretting this but it sure beats her whinning whenever the dogs jump on her or Logan irritates her...We have really been seeing a good amount of the "terrible two's"....she is definately expressing herself these days and I am really lucky to get through a meal without her covered in it from head to toe since she just LOVES to play with food. At lunch today she decided she wanted to wash her face with her milk and proceeded to stick her full fist into her cup pulling out a fistful of milk and rubbing it into her face.....hmmm.....that did not go over well with Mom and Dad thats for sure! She also likes to "undress" her sandwiches and then "re-dress" them. This is loads of fun when the sandwich is peanut butter and jelly!! "I wanna play too!!" "Dad, where'd you put my saddle??" Posted by Picasa

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Wendy said...

Love the new pics and what a cute outfit! I love the hair too--both ways! Madeline ALWAYS had her hair done up in China--they were obsessive about it--she HATES it done and tears the things out within 15 minutes--I gave up and cut it off (her request for short hair).
Thank you for your sweet and caring post on my blog. It is hard, but I am think I am getting better day by day handling it. I just so hope she doesn't remember the pain--I am unsure, but she is super happy when she is awake so I guess not. I will keep you posted.
Thanks again!


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