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Sunday, August 20, 2006

I am SO mad!!!

But it sure is hard to stay that way!! This is my favorite "look"...we always end up laughing!! Just want to let everyone know that we had to take Mikala to the emergency room this morning. She woke up with blood trickling out of her left ear. She had no other symptoms (unless we can blame some of this "terrible two's" on this as well...hmmmmm) no fever, no pulling on the ear, no balance issues, no evidence of difficulty with hearing (in fact her speech has made great strides this week!), she has been happy and laughing etc. So imagine my surprise to see blood coming from the ear! The doctor could not even see inside there was just too much. There is also an odor...and an odor from her mouth which we thought was due to food stuck in the holes of her palate but the doctor indicated that it might actually be pus. So it would seem we have our first major ear infection. You would never know it though since she is just full of life! Posted by Picasa

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Nancy Korb said...

We're praying for little Mikala every day. Susie, could this ear infection have anything to do with the palate operation?


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