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Thursday, August 10, 2006

random pictures from the last week.....

We saw a new Doctor yesterday. It went very well. This Doctor seemed to know all of the latest techniques and carried some philosophies that are more a match to my own than the last doctor. He would like to work on her scar some and her nose the next time, which would be in about 6-months. He did say that he would have to take apart what is left of the inital repair and start again, but the good news is that he plans to use a material simular to tissue and membrane to help create the palate, which means that he will not have to rely only on what Mikala may have available in her mouth. This will provide much less "tension" so that the healing process can be more successful. While we were definately happy with this doctors talk of techniques, we still plan to take this 6-months to seeother doctors before making a final dicision.  Posted by Picasa


Nancy Korb said...

Hi Susie. Sorry I've been so busy. Mikala, you're surely are getting prettier every time I see a picture of you. You've put on weight and you seem to be having the best life you could possibly have.

Any more bad dreams? I'll bet there aren't any.

Wendy said...

Good idea. At least you found someone that follows your philosophy. Best of luck in your search.


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