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Sunday, September 24, 2006

The family vacation....

This, folks, is what its all about....this was the sweetest moment in my week. THIS is why I am a parent........BTW she stayed like that for a 1/2 hour and though my arms ached I absored every minute of it because it takes a VERY trusting and VERY TIRED (LOL) child to do this....and these moments are fleeting... We started our week with swimming and basically hangin out. Mikala was thrilled with the wading pool and would have happily played there for hours and hours, which was very good because I was worried she would have trouble sleeping. I gotta tell ya, the more I worry about something the least likely it is to come true, SO for those of you who tell me to stop worring, forget it!!! She woke the first two nights at her usual midnight to 1am but the rest of the week she slept straight through!! There were no issues with falling asleep, she was out within a 1/2hr everynight, and we really did not keep her up much past her usual time! We tried to make sure she had at least an hours nap, with the exception of Sea World where she slept for a 1/2 in my arms. She liked Sea World, LOVED the acrobat show, but did not really like the dolphins and such in the water, she is more of a furry creature lover lol. Disney World was another of our adventures for the week and with the exception of the loud noise on some of the rides (you'd think they could turn that down some!!) she had the time of her life. We really enjoyed seeing these things through her eyes and even Logan was watching for her reactions before long. Just a note about Logan...I saw him and his Dad really bond this week, and I mean REALLY. They rode the rides together and did some other "guy" stuff and it warmed my heart to see such bonding! Enjoy the pictures!!! Posted by Picasa

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