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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I spoke too soon!

In the matter of a day we went from this........... To this! I spoke too soon. She now has EXACTLY what I had poor thing, and I am not 100% yet so we took her straight to the doctor and got her hooked up with some good stuff ASAP! I have to say I do have the BEST Pedatrician in the world. I am not kidding. This guy spends TIME with my kid! He will not even touch her until he has her permission to do so. I have never met a doctor who was just SO patient, kind, and caring. She actually LIKES him and that really says something let me tell you! Since she is having surgery in just 5-short weeks he was not about to pull any punches either. We have to get her well now or look at rescheduling (NO!!). He did say that one of her ear tubes is definately in place and that the other one he could not see because of the wax, but no infection the ear drums both looked clear (yea!!). She now weighs 21lbs!!! Posted by Picasa

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