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Friday, December 22, 2006

Day 8 post op.....

As you can see our little Princess Mikala is healing, body and spirit. Though she is still a little ornery now and then lol. The hole in her mouth has increased in size slightly and I had a little talk with her about not sticking her tongue in it, I though at this point I did not have anything to lose, and so far, so good no other holes.  Posted by Picasa


Warner Gang said...

Hey guys
It is great to see her up and doing good. It is sooooo hard to see your little one going through this, I remember so well. We will be praying for her & your family. Have a Merry Christmas & a happy new year.
Beverly & gang

Anonymous said...

She looks adorable and so well healed already! Have you gotten "the stares and comments yet"? We get them ALL the time with Madeline in two casts/now splints. I swear people make you feel like a child abuser--I have even had pointing and talking behind my back at the mall. Geez! I only share this thought because of her bruising.
She looks great!!!



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