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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Grandma's scarf....

Today is my Grandma's Birthday. I was born 2-days before her birthday and my nephew was born ON her birthday! My Grandma was a typical Grandma. She showed up every Christmas looking like Santa's wife...bags and bags of gifts and cheer to boot. Weekends I would sleep over and she would feed me junk and let me watch TV til my eyes hurt. Many times we would pile blankets and pillows on the floor and "camp". Grandma always took me to my favorite restaurants....or was it that those restaurants BECAME my favorites because she took me?? hmmmmm.....she loved music and loved to shop.....so do I. She taught me how to find the bargins and to clip coupons. She knew me better than I knew myself....I am sad to say that she passed away just before my son was born, so she never had the chance to meet him, or him her. She will never know Mikala either, but I know in my heart that my children would have loved her as much as I do. I have many things that were my Grandmother's and I treasure each and every item. One of those items is a scarf. I have had this scarf for 10-years now and it has traveled with me to Georgia, N and S Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania and CHINA (yipppeee!!). I was wearing it the day we recieved our daughter. I was wearing it as I climbed the Blue Ridge Mountains, the GREAT WALL, and the day that Mikala and I were on the front page of the newspaper. I will continue to take her with me (weather permitting of course) wherever our travels may take us, for as long as her scarf will hold up. Happy Birthday Grandma...I miss you so. Posted by Picasa

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