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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Gimme! Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #20

Gimme an "E"!!! Dear, Sweet Donna thought this might be hard for me...but after only a small amount of consideration it has turned out to be a piece of cake (YUM!) and certainly a lot of fun!! Thanks Donna!! Here are my 10 most favoriye "E"s...

  1. "E" is for Edward, who is my Dad...though he prefers to be called "Sly" (which I STILL have not figured out!!) his given name is Edward and since without him there would be know ME...my first "E" is for you Dad!!
  2. "E" is for Enlightenment...Discover Jesus and you will know what I mean.
  3. "E" is for Eyes...The first thing we noticed about Mikala Yin was those EYES!! They still manage to capture my heart on a daily basis!
  4. "E" is for Eagle.....Land of the free...home of the brave...
  5. "E" is for Eager......Live each day as though it is your last, if you do not know how just take a peak at your children!
  6. "E" is for Energy......again...look at the children...(what is that saying about energy wasted on the young?!)
  7. "E" is for Eat....something I unfortunately was given a gene to "E"njoy!!
  8. "E" is for Exhaustion.....I LOVE my life, and look forward to being Exhausted at the end of Each day, it means to me that I have accomplished something, that I have lived.
  9. "E" is for Easter......One of my favorite holidays...
  10. "E" is for the E in glEnn....ok so I cheated a little with this one :-) but he IS my husband...and the only one for mE!

I am willing to bet that someone out there thought I might mention my love for Email...SO...make that #11!!

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