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Friday, March 16, 2007

March 17th 2006*-arrived in Beijing

On this day 1-year ago we met some wonderful people from Kentucky. They already had two wonderful children and were in China to adopt a 5-yr old girl. Our families hit it off right away!! It really helps when you are in a foreign country to find someone who speaks your language! It also helps to have someone who speaks the foreign language, which is why we were extremely grateful to our guide Jasmin. She was very sweet and extremely patient!! The thing I remember most about the Great Wall of China: BOY WAS IT HIGH!! I am extremely afraid of heights but also very determined so when I started the long trek up the steep-steep stairs and saw people kind-of crawling down I really had to keep myself calm, but, again I was determined! (of coursing seeing that my then 9-yr old son was navigating things just fine did help!!) I made it to the TOP!! Did I like the view...sure...as long as I was looking across and not DOWN. Our little travel group was thrilled with themselves for making it up and really wanted to hang out and just enjoy the view. I was busy, busy, busy wondering just how I was going to get down without fainting!! I decided it might take me a while, and really was worried that someone might bump me or something, then it'd be all over for me. Paranoia started to set in big time so once I saw that the path was cleared to head down, I told everyone else..."Stay, take your time, I am going to start down since it might take me a while." ....how'd I get down? I crawled (everyone else walked-figures-including my 9-yr old son....did I tell you he was 9 at the time??) I was VERY slow and just about fainted when I heard their voices behind me, telling me of their FAST approach. I remember praying over, and over..."Please don't let anyone touch me...please don't let anyone touch me" over and over!! It is with great pleasure that I am here today to tell the story, but I gotta tell ya, my hand are clammy. More tomorrow!

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