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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Hi all, as many of you know we have had quite a bit of "family chaos" lately. Anyone reading this, I am sure, has been THERE. I do apologise for not posting any "real' updates lately but it has been hard for me to sit and write with my brain in such a jumble these days! The kids are doing so great through! It amazes me daily to see how they live life with such passion! Logan had been having a bit of trouble this year with his grades, he is in 5th grade this year. His grades had dropped from honor roll and we have been worried that this would be the year he would start to have trouble. He has always been pretty focused when it came to his school work, he knows we expect him to do his best, but this year he got caught up in quite a bit of "social" issues that I guess are pretty common at this age. One week he'd be so popular that our phone would ring off the hook with calls for him, and the next week there would be none! I was getting confused! When we saw how all of this was affecting his grades we started to push him to become re-focused, but did not push the issue too much because we knew he needed to develop socially as well. Finally, after this last report card, we realized that we needed to push harder...and let me tell you the light went ON and his grades have literally shot up. He has regained his focus and we are so proud! (and here is a little secret...he has a girlfriend!!) Mikala too has been changing lately. She now has a HUGE vocabulary. She strings 3-4 words together and I swear she is using the letter "T" even though it is not crisp. She amazes me daily with the words and phrases she uses and speaks in a very mature manner. Speaking of MANNERS, she is the Ms. Manners of our home. She is SO polite, and do not let her catch you NOT saying "please" and "thank you" because she will surely remind you!! She has recently started to "click" her tongue on the roof of her mouth, which is awesome! It lets us know that she knows there is some closure there and that she is not afraid to place her tongue up there. She loves to learn and will get very upset when she cannot do something. She loves to have things mapped out for her and we have recently stepped up potty training. I found out that if I give her a list of things to do she will repeat it and follow the steps to a "T". I will tell her to go potty and say "pull down your pants, peepee, wipe, pull up your pants, get down, and flush." You will often hear her repeating the steps as she goes...it is totally cute. I just wish she could reach the sink so she could wash her hands but she is so small still that its just not possible so I have added a box of handy wipes and am adding to her steps to wipe her hands and throw the wipe away. Believe it or not it sounds like a lot of direction for a 21/2yr old but she really does well this way! I just have to make sure she wears only dresses right now because she cannot tackle pulling down pants yet. I tried using underwear but that too proved to be more difficult for her to pull down and up by herself so we are basically keeping the "Pull-ups" company in business!! My next step will be to try and teach her to get herself out of bed. She still does not get up without "permission" and I cannot seem to make her understand that it is ok if she wants to come out of her bed and room by herself. Now I know some of you Moms out there are thinking how LUCKY I am to have a child that actually stays in bed, and you are SOOO right! We are lucky (Logan was not one to stay put!!), but it does not aide in potty training for her to not get up when she has to go lol. I would love to hear ideas on how others progress through this process so feel free to comment with your ideas!
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Nancy Korb said...

Susie: I can't tell you how very normal Logan is. That on again, off again, finding a girlfriend and then finding another...all of that is typical of his age group. As is his not being quite as much the student...for just a little while...and you did exactly the right thing, confronting him with reality and getting him on track. He is a wonderful boy and you should be very proud.

I did a notarization for someone who is very artistic ad creates art from slides and cd's of pictures. He doesn't do entire series of things, because he also musician and he has his own studio. He sings opera and plays the piano as well.

When I looked at his pictures today, I was reminded of what you do with the videos. His website is jdlewis@visavisprint.com, and his name is Jordan D. Lewis. Maybe he would do an enlarged photograph of Mikala for hanging. You take such wonderful pictures of her...she is absolutely captivating. And you are so talented at creating as well.

I'm sorry to hear that you've been having some chaos lately. Hopefully nothing beyond what a 10 year old and a 2 year old would normally create. We're praying for you and your family every day.



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