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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blowing off steam in bloggerland...

It has been no secret that I have been eagerly awaiting the end of this school year for Logan. Well, today it ended somewhat abruptly, and somewhat early.....yep, you guessed it, i blew my top and WITHDREW my child from school! Ah, but you must understand the principal behind such an antic. Twice this year I have had issues with the way Logan's teacher has dealt with issues that have arisen. The first time a similar incident happened we requested a meeting with the teacher and the principal and left completely unsatisfied but willing to move on thinking that at least they knew how we felt.....HA! Here we are 1 and a half weeks before school is OVER for the year and a very similar incident occurs yet again! Sooooo...here I go back up to the school....a CHRISTIAN school mind you-only to deal with not only a rude principal but this time vice principal. What gives? I know my son is not perfect, but I am convinced that he is a good kid who TRIES to do the right thing.....which believe it or not IS the problem. His teacher uses badgering and peer pressure when she doesn't believe a student is telling the truth. Logan does not do well under that kind of pressure and has twice, when put into this position, changed his story to accommodate the teacher....which now of course means he is lying. When this happened the first time, we asked that the teacher NOT use such tactics, that it was in fact a great way to create an environment of animosity...(hello? Christian school??!!). Logan himself told her that he only told her what she wanted to hear because she wouldn't leave it alone and he didn't want her or his friends to be mad at him. Here we are 3-months or so later...same thing happens. He is accused...he tells the truth....she badgers and badgers and involves other students until she gets the answer she is looking for. This time though, I received a letter from the vice Principal stating that Logan had been sent to office to speak with her....he never went to the office, she came to him. So there you have it. I presented this info to the vice principal herself (she was not very happy about being called on her own lie), and still they would not relent to let things go, but they instead tried to negotiate with me. You see a little organization called FACCS, who grants private school accreditation, was there for a visit while this drama unfolded.....I can tell you both the vice principal and principal were none to happy with me for even being there....they had sent home not 1 but 2 requests that parents not even be on campus for that day....so with an audience, both tried to negotiate a different day for punishment to be serviced completely ignoring the fact that I was there because I did not agree with the punishment to begin with. I have to admit, I did hesitate, it would have been the easier thing for me to do but this is twice we have told Logan that no-matter-what you should tell the truth and STICK TO IT. So what kind of lesson would it be from me, his Mom, if I did not stick to my resolutions on his behalf? I said , "sorry, no. He does not deserve this punishment and he will not be serving it." I asked what my options were, and it was suggested that I may wish to withdrawal him from the school. I said ok. End of story....I did find out that his grades will be as they stand with no penalties for what he will miss for the rest of the week and a half so thats good. But I reeeeaaaalllyyyy was shaking in my sandals!!!! I put in a call for the head pastor, I believe that MORNINGSIDE ACADEMY has completely gone off track from the vision that was initially planned for its students. They no longer put God first and foremost in the teachings and mannerisms, which is very much a shame, since that is what we thought we were paying $5000 a year for.

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Wendy said...

Way to go Susan! You stand up for what you think is right and for your son. Your lesson is the most important--NEVER LIE! I can't stand liars.
It will all work out.


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