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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

News from the homefront...

Our Miss Mikala grows by leaps and bounds, I swear daily! She now weighs about 23lbs. and is getting l-o-n-g. She is....dare-I-say?.....almost potty trained. We have been dry day AND NIGHT (yipppeee!!) for about 2-weeks now. Daytime she has been doing well for about a month. I was really concerned about potty training her because she was mainly a night-time wetter, but low and behold she stopped that almost over-night!! Ok, enough of about that I do not want to push my luck!! The kids are great! I have been taking a class for a new client at home for work and have had to be in class @ 7pm everynight. Logan has been awesome about getting Mikala ready and into bed for the last 3-weeks....of course he tells me I owe him about $12, I think he said lol! Not too bad I suppose considering. It is getting closer to the end of the school year and I AM EXCITED! Do not know why, but this year I am ready for summer to begin and school to be done for Logan! I know I will also be ready when it restarts though since he has soooo much energy...(can you say C-A-M-P??). Thats the news...enjoy the pics for this week!

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Lauren and Ed said...

Mikala and Logan have grown so much. We have not seen you all in so long. Hope to see you at a Wed. play group again soon. Hugs and kisses to Mikala from Mia! :)


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