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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Ok all, we have 2 strikes and Mikala is going up to bat again and this time we are really praying for a HOMERUN!!! Surgery is scheduled for July the 3rd and this time we are armed with a new teammate...Mikala will be fitted with a obturator (retainer type device) 2 weeks before her surgery to be placed on the new roof of her mouth to help prevent any damage she and her rowdy tongue might have in mind. We are thrilled to have this new player on our team!! The doctor is really going to try and "get 'er done" this time. He plans to check for Pharyngeal placement and if nessassary pull skin to insure we do not end up with a young Fran Dresser. He will also use a new substance that will promote bone growth in the roof to support her teeth now instead of later, and touch up her scar from her cleft lip repair by, ewwww, sanding the area....do not like how THAT sounds!! BUT our hopes are high that this could...could be the LAST time!!
Baby girl needs all your prayers, so please keep them coming!!!

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Wendy said...

Madeline's last surgery for a while is on July 5th. We both will have recovering girls. Our thoughts are with you!


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