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Monday, June 11, 2007

Time with Logan...

Logan and I had our first "day at the gym". Glenn signed us both up so Logan and I could work out together. I absolutely hate to work out alone and basically will not do it lol. So when we were deciding what Logan could do this summer that wouldn't break the bank (summer camps are outragous!!) I asked Glenn how old he thought Logan had to be to work out at the gym he attends, when we found out he was old enough I had him sign us up! The gym has several locations around town and one is in the same building as Miss Mikala's Speech class so today we went there. It was extremely convienent and since we were already there we had no excuse not to go! We left Miss Mikala in the daycare with a very nice woman and hit the tredmills! 5-minutes later, said nice woman came looking for us, lol, Miss Mikala was crying (not surprised) sooo I sent big bro to help smooth things over and this worked great! Yeehaw! Logan and I got to spend some quality time together, and I have to say I relized how very much I miss this him and me time!
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