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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

FFFF #53 The Computer Age...

Mikala's favorite computer game....ELMO....Logan's Runescape This weeks foto fun challenge has me cracking up....Jump on over to Loving Lydia (http://lovinglydia.typepad.com/ ) to see what makes me giggle.....She talks of her memory of the first microwave. Hilarious to me because,- you know how some parents always harp on what they didn't have and remember getting technologically speaking?...THAT'S ME!!! And I ALWAYS use the microwave as that BIG tech item that was invented "back in the day" hahaha...of course I remember that the most popular kids on the block were those who had the first Atari and the lets not forget the Beta max...... On another note....VERY PROUD MOMMA here....Our son has succeeded in getting straight A's for the first quarter (YIPPPPEEEE)....I am almost afraid to say too much but he is also doing 7th grade math! They tested him and moved him up to the 7th grade level for that class. BOY when this kid chooses (key word here!!) to focus nothing can stop him!!! WAY TO GO LOGAN!!!
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