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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Visit to Shriner's in Chicago...

Hi all, Mikala Yin and I flew back from Shriner's Chicago late, late, LATE last night. We had a FANTASTIC experience!! I cannot say ENOUGH about how wonderful this place is. We have been to Orlando Regional, and Miami Children's. Shriner's is really ALL ABOUT THE KIDS. We saw soooo many adopted families, and not just from China, but a lot were from China. The doctor's are kind and caring and willing to educate on a layman's level, we learned a lot. They never rushed us and answered all of my questions willingly. It was a grueling day for both Mikala and myself, but well worth it. They took her situation (3-failed surgeries) very seriously and have provided a care plan for our review. Our personal plan has included a surgery for the p-flap; since it is Mikala's 3rd surgery on her soft palate there is no good skin left and so they will pull from her throat to help keep it closed. They also paid close attention to what our previous surgeon used to close to sites and will be revising that as well. With Shriner's you check in the day before and they keep you for at least one day post op before sending you home (making it about a 3-4 day stay). There are places everywhere for the kids to play and I personally saw doctors visiting with patients in the playrooms and cafeteria just to chat! Shriner's IS about the children.


Wendy said...

I LOVE Shriners Philly, you are so right, it is about the kids. Take a look back at M's surgery pics and mass of toys/blankets/goodies she gets each time she goes--be prepared to bring an extra luggage for M's stuff!
The only thing we encountered with the overnight surgery we had was that M did not receive a meal for many, many hours after the first day--I brought our own things so she was fine, but make sure you have something just in case. I don't know what happened there, but all of our other trips and the two surgeries went great.
Also, you will get a discounted hotel rate in the city, nearby, the hospital will tell you about it as they say only parent can stay with the child--that being said, Jeff could have stayed since they were not crowded that night, but that is not guaranteed. M loved to play in the toy and book room. There is a lot for kids and they really treat them like the patients, not just small people that the parents brought in. They are very important to all of the staff. Our doc visited three times in less than 12 hours.
Our second surgery was outpatient, but just as caring and wonderful.

Wishing you the best of luck!

Borrego said...

I wanna go to Chicago.


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