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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What I am Thankful for 2007 Another year passes, and here I am again with those voices of Thanksgiving singing in my head! This year has held many ups and downs and has definitely NEVER been dull! Praise God for this life He gives us to live! As I look back I begin with much sadness, for this year we lost a vital part of our family. My mother in law actually became sick at this time a year ago. Little did we know at the time, that this was going to be our opportunity to say goodbye. She was the most amazing person. Always healthy, never more than a day kept her down with the sniffles. I truly believe that God took His time, letting us take time to absorb and realize that He had to take her home. I do not think our family could have taken the shock if we had not been “allotted” the time God so graciously gave us. It became a gift. Still it stings daily. I had 20 wonderful years to love and know this woman. She made my wedding gown, blankets and pillows for our children and gave her love by the bus-load. My life is better today because of her, and I am thankful…. It is amazing to me how God can use events and happenings to open your spirit for something new. During the times we were so down, He used friends to send to us the file of a little girl who needs a home. This little girl had a family “commit” and withdraw. Our hearts felt that familiar tug, knowing that we have so much love to give and share; but also knowing that this was not “our” time. There was just no conceivable way that we could commit to help this particular child at this time. A week passed and word came back that another family was going to pursue her! We were filled with happiness for her and this family. Months passed….and again God whispered that she was yet again available. No, no, no. “Not our time”, we kept saying. We were grieving, so much was changing and financially it just wasn’t the right time! Still God spoke, sending it in the form of another friend who said….”We feel this is YOUR child”….So, it’s not OUR time, you see, but His. Today our hearts are FILLED with the thoughts of this 6-year-old girl. What will she be like? Will she lean more toward Logan or Mikala? We will be able to successful open her heart to love and trust us? We are just too excited, and oh-so-THANKFUL. I am thankful for Logan’s new school. He is changing and maturing so much this year. I truly believe he is where he needs to be. He has finally realized what “personal success” is all about. He has become helpful to Glenn and I around the house, and often volunteers this help. He loves his sister, and she adores him! To watch them on Saturday and Sunday mornings playing quietly together so Mom & Dad can sleep in is totally heart warming. I am thankful for Logan and his ability to make us laugh on a moments notice, and even when he continues to use that same tactic to make us laugh until, finally, it’s just not funny anymore lol. Mikala. Oh I am ever so thankful for her! She reminded me of that “why” stage that all 3-years-old’s go through! She reminds me everyday that I am alive, because she is so alive. She is funny and smart and stubborn too! She so wants to make all the decisions and will pout when she is told no. She is sensitive and girly to no end. And I am not positive, but, I think my kids give the BEST hugs, and I am soooo thankful for those! Glenn, well, he is amazing (of course!!). He has completely put his faith in God that we will be led to where we need to be. He is committed to his family and has been so strong this year, even when I know it was the hardest. He continues to be a leader to his children and a sounding board for me. As we head into this Leap of Faith we have ahead, I know to the bottom of my soul that there is no one on earth that I would rather take that leap with! Thank you honey!! May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. Romans 15:13


-m- said...

Wow - I have cold shivers going up and down my arms as I read your post.. All the best to you on your new journey...!

Julie said...

Your family is lovely! Happy Thanksgiving!

Nathan's Mommy


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