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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

busy, busy, busy

Happy Holidays to all!! What a busy season it is! I hope that all of you have the chance through all the hustle and bustle to actually stop and enjoy the little moments! We have been very busy around here! Excited about our new daughter and eagerly awaiting her arrival (not soon enough!!). I have been assembling grant applications (this process is very tedious and reminiscent of assembling the dossier itself!). We have a date for Mikala's next surgery, and the airline tickets are here! She will be having surgery at Shriner's in Chicago, on January 31. Glenn is going this time and they have to leave, and check-in, on the 30th. They plan to do the P-flap (stretching skin from the throat area to ensure good closure). They will check her ears to be sure there is good drainage there and determine at that time whether or not she needs PE tubes as well. With the P-flap there is a great risk of sleep apnea since the throat and roof area will be swollen and may actually block some of her ability to breath clearly so, prayers, prayers, prayers! guys that the surgeons hands are guided well ,and that Mikala's healing abilities are on target!! I will be home waiting for their return on the 3rd of February, fresh and ready to carry her, sooth her, and basically give her anything she wants (minus any real food-she will be on liquids for 2-weeks) just to ensure (hopefully) we can keep any screaming fits to non-existent, it has to work this time!! Both Mikala and I have been under the weather to top it all off. We had a cold, got rid of it and got it right back! Both of us are now on antibiotics and starting to feel like ourselves again. It is hard believe that it is so early in the cold season and so many people are getting sick already!! Thankfully Logan and Glenn have been spared and lets keep it that way!! We have also started a new family tradition of making our own Christmas cards! Last year I started by taking the pictures myself and providing a "theme", using my computer tools to enhance and create the actually cards. This year we took it a step further and had the kids do the artwork and I have to say that they look fantastic! (well, by our standards anyway!!) Best of all, we had a lot of FUN working together on it, and I know that each year as we look back on the years before the memories we have created will last forever (and I anticipate that the cards will look better too!!). Having said all that, here is the final card....

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Lauren and Ed said...

UGHHHH SURGERY! I am feeling for you guys. I know you must be dreading it, but this time it's GOT TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our thoughts will be with you. Your Christmas card turned out great!


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