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Friday, January 25, 2008

WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!

But God is good, and truly KNOWS His stuff!! Our entire dynamics are changing here at the Furiato household. We were informed this week that Logan's school is closing its doors :-( After the initial SHOCK and heartbreak, we came to realize that the signs were all there, preparing us for this next step in our lives. We have been preparing for the "possibilities", the school had warned us that they were in financial trouble, but we truly thought we had TIME!! Our BIG plan was to 1. GET GWEN HOME!!! 2. Get to know Gwen. 3. Give Gwen time to acclimate. 4. Give family time to acclimate!! 5. Help Gwen learn English. 6. Start Gwen and Mikala in school. 7. HOMESCHOOL Logan???? Notice the question marks there....I have been researching this for a long, long time (before Mikala came home!) BUT really did not take it in my heart beyond that. Then this year we found the PERFECT school for Logan...We mean PERFECT! He has grown academically and spiritually so much this year...and is on the right track to becoming a great young man. Then of course the warnings started coming in that the school may be closing...we were so heartbroken! But, we again started researching the possibilities and public school became NOT and option...private schools are getting more and more expensive. Homeschooling??? So much work, but he is so worth it, and we live in a GREAT community for this. There are many, many social activities geared to homeschooled children here. We have chosen to use a private "over seer" to help us along. They help with social, academic, testing, grade keeping, and even teaching. Please, please pray with us that we are able to do this successfully, that when Gwen does arrive we can keep it all together, and that Logan can acclimate to ALL of these changes in such a short time. Our hearts are so broken for him, but he is such a trooper, trusting in God and parents to make the right decisions.....
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nkorb said...

Sue: I know a great many people who homeschool and the children are brighter and happier than most I've seen in the public schools. Just be careful that he gets the same opportunities for social development that he's had all along. One of the things you might do, since the school is closing, is to get together with some of the parents in Logan's class, and perhaps you can homeschool together. It could be the beginning of a social group/educational group.

We pray for you and yours everyday. I've been a bit ill so I've been out of touch for awhile. I still love you and Mikala is just gorgeous. Logan, You'd do great no matter what.



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