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Saturday, April 26, 2008


If you look to your right, I have posted a poll. I will run it for 2-weeks. We currently have 4-Chihuahua's...and have decided to keep one more (yeah, we're nuts). I promise you the limit is 5!!! We would love for you to cast your votes...WHO SHOULD WE KEEP? I have numbered them 1-4, so chose your favorite by #. This should be fun! The pups are now 5-weeks old, once we make our discision, we'll let you know!!


Anonymous said...

We just saw the puppies -- they are all beautiful and very laid back! Cupcake is a very good first-time mom!

All the puppies snuggled on Bryanna and I and were falling asleep while on us!


Carrie&Aaron said...


Anonymous said...

SPOT ALL THE WAY!!! he's soooo cute and very laid back. he reminds me a lot of speck. hope ya pick him, and good luck!



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