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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I tell you what, you'd have a REAL hard time convincing me I don't have the BEST family!! Let's start with my dear, sweet husband....he traded his baby...his-"I've always wanted a truck", so I could have the pleasure of driving a new van....now its not about cost here...we are actually saving $$...its about a completely unselfish act. He is awarded the medal of honor for that today...AND for bringing me and the kids breakfast after work this morning!! Moving on to Logan...I think it was Wednesday when I was "banished" from his bedroom for several hours....he had taken the girls' in to make me "surprises"...three individual BEAUTIFUL cards!! The girls' had their own things in mind for me this morning...I was awarded a total and complete makeover, complete with hair, nails, toes, make-up, and I think Mikala even gave me a bath with her pretend soap. Talk about pampering!! I can assure you that I still look the same, but I sure don't feel it!! I feel totally and completely LOVED ;-) Here's hoping your family makes you feel as special as mine did, today!
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