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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Logan....

Has it really been 12-years?? Wow, so many feelings pass through when I think of this time 12-years ago. Logan was born through natural (hahaha) child birth on June the 18th at exactly 1:35 AM. While it was not a perfect delivery in medical terms, (and certainly not in my eyes!!) seeing his little face got me through. Those sweet little hands and feet, the head of black hair that made me wonder, where'd that come from?! and of course the chubby little cheeks...those are the things that made the moment sweet and unforgetable; and it changed my life forever. Happy Birthday Logan. We love you so, very much!


C&A said...

If you email me I will give you the password for the other private blog!
Happy Birthday!

Norah said...

Happy Birthday!


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