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Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally some words....

Now, I know you all just love to see the pics of the kiddos, but I have truly missed actually writing some thoughts down. Many of us bloggers, blog because it can be a pretty therapeutic thing to do...its a great way to find your center, blow off some steam, and perhaps even find some perspective.
The kids are doing really, really great. It amazes me that when we join others for the opportunity to play and socialize, my kids tend to still choose each other to play with. They have truly become best friends to each other. That said, they do fight, and there are days when they just want to be alone. The noise level here has seemed to triple with the new addition; its like a slumber party every night in the girls' room! I would not trade anything for all this chaos. BUT I would, truly be lyin, if I did not say it has been quite an adjustment, not for the kids lol, but for DH and I. The dynamics have pretty much sent both of us into a tailspin lately. As the dust has begun to settle we have found ourselves having to readjust our time management, and I am here to tell you it is TOUGH. For some reason time seems to go into fast forward with the addition of children, almost leaving you breathless on some days!! I have heard over and over that for some reason the third child is always the hardest...not sure why its such a difference, but I am here to tell you that it is...that being said, I have also heard that adding more after the third gets easier??? Wonder why?
Someone actually asked me the other day if we were going to continue to add to our family...all I could do was laugh, I have no clue...I am still trying to get organized lol....maybe once we find our center again, we can begin to think where life is going to carry us...for now we are just trying to enjoy this new blessing and all the energy she comes with!
As some of you know, I started to homeschool Logan last year. He has seemed to blossom this year and we are proud to say that all of his standardized test scores can back higher than ever before, and ALL above grade level. Our plans for the up coming year were to continue homeschooling Logan, and to place the girls into mainstream school, mostly for the language development and socialization....to build something of a foundation for them at these early years...plus I was kind of chicken with regards to teaching them to read myself. We signed Mikala up for VPK locally, and she will continue speech, but at a different location. I have been trying to get Gwen into a new charter school nearby, but they have just announced that they will not open until next year. Last week I took her to the school board to sign her up for one of the 4-less-than-a-mile-away schools and was disappointed to hear that they have filled ALL of those schools and are shipping the any newcomers to a temporary school site in a not so nice area that is about 20 miles from us. "Hello, God I am listening." Something told me, (hmmmm...wonder who?) that I would be homeschooling Gwen this year....I tried to ignore Him, but that was not going to happen, its His time not mine, after all. So, I have very recently added the idea of homeschool Gwen, and as I continue to get used to the idea, I see so many positive reasons to do this....wish me luck that I can successfully bring her up to speed with her language and reading!! I am researching like crazy these days!!!
We are truly blessed to have such wonderful children, they all each carry something different to the table, and we wouldn't want it any other way!!
"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." [Philippians 4:13 NIV] ...

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Karen said...

You can do it!!!! It will be GREAT once you get started and you will be amazed how quickly she catches on...I just know it. Good Luck.


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