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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Back from Shriner's

Mikala and Dad are back from Shriner's (yipppeeee!!). They got home at 1 am due to flight delays (sigh). The team said that Mikala's palate looks good and Glenn was not given a clear answer as to whether or not it is "completely" closed, instead they said that at this point it does not matter because she is too little to see if it is moving (muscle) or if we have proper airflow. They want to start pushing the speech therapy and see what she can do on her own, once she is big enough, they can use a scope to view the movement and see what kind of movement and air pressure she is getting. When she is 6-7, they will start looking at placing a bone in to support her teeth and close the tiny hole she has behind her front teeth. We will see the team again in 6 months for speech evaluation, but for now we are good to go (whew!!).


Amy Clemons said...

Glad to hear the good news. Wishing you luck with everything!

Crazy Mama said...

Oh how we know the hurry up and wait routine of cleft issues. Speech starts back heavily next week for our sweet boy. Glad everyone is back safe and sound :D


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