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Saturday, August 16, 2008

First week down...

So, how did we fare? Very well, indeed! It was a very good first week. We managed to stay on task and my time frames and lessons seemed to follow on target pretty well. Logan LOVES the Teaching Texbooks for his Pre-algebra, and the Apologia Science curriculum we chose (yah!!) For Gwen, we are using Abeka, but really winging it. We started with 1st grade readers and are working through those first, she is a smart cookie, but gets antsy and has to be reminded to stay on task. She is just enough like Logan that I can challenge her to pay attention and we will get through it quicker. Most often, we find ourselves veering off once there is a word or phrase she has never heard....that has actually made this FUN! For example, she knew what a chicken was in regard to food (in English), but did not really connect the actual bird to the food, or the fact that they lay eggs. So off to the refrigerator we headed to pull out an egg and explain the process of the chicken laying the egg and keeping it warm to hatch. She enjoys seeing me get excited about this kind of thing and will really pay attention when do these kinds of "practical" learning. She has jumped right into 3rd grade ABeka math, and is resistant to learning her times tables, but again, once she realizes that if she just does the work, the next time it is easier. She has taken every task we have worked on this week and managed to grasp it by the end of the lesson! My issue with Gwen, may be keeping her challenged! I have to say that after our first day of home school Gwen described to me how she went to school with lots of other children in China, and that it was all day. I was worried that this was going to be an issue for her. By the second day, she was saying how she always wants to go to school at home (whew!). I am still not sure where next year will lead us, but for now I am really glad that we are doing this, I think it is wonderful that we can start slow with reading and keep her at the level of math she is able to do. Within the next couple of weeks Mikala will be starting her pre-school along with speech and dance, Gwen will start soccer, they all will start AWANA, and our weekly homeschool play day will begin...busy, busy!!
I added this pic of Miki, just 'cause she's so darn cute!!
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Carrie said...

I AM using My fathers world for MJ she has never been to school- She also I think has a issue with short term memory but once we go over it a bunch she seems to know it alot better! She doesn't even know her colors-it is sad but they had to work on getting her better before they could school her. My other two we us abeka I love it- 3rd grade DVDs are nice-And I am homeschool a 1st grader without Dvd's! MJ can say things like MJ want juice or MJ want sleep but she really has not gotten into feelings or lond sentences-She does do well at church with sign lanauage songs really well-like the first month in new a song really well- Ithinkit will just take a lot of time until she explodes with talking. but we are in it for the long haul! Glad to see Gwen doing so well-what a sweet girl!


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