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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fun facts about Gwenny...

  1. *She has grown a little over and inch since coming home.
  2. *Her favorite color is yellow first, and orange 2nd.
  3. *She doesn't like TV very much, just a few shows, such as Dora, Kailan, and SpongeBob.
  4. *She has a great sense of humor!

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Wendy said...

Just catching up and checking in. I hope you are all not floating away! We have seen the flooding down your way and hope you have been spared.

The kids look like they are doing great and really enjoying school. I know what you mean about sending Mikala off--I was so worried before ballet camp. I wondered how she would go to the potty and her leotard back on and tights up all the way. They had a parent help with that so no worries. I think the schools are prepared and usually their potties are smaller. At this age they often go in groups so the teachers can assist each child.

Good luck!

Debbie said...

I enjoyed going back and reading your post. You have a beautiful family.Looking forward to reading more.

Crazy Mama said...

YOU FORGOT!! #5 fact about Gwenny.......she is an absolute darling!!!
You are a very lucky mom to have such wonderful kiddos.
LOVE your blog! Thanks for sharing :-D
Blessings to you~


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