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Thursday, September 11, 2008

6 months HOME!!

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Beverly said...

happy 6 month anniversary

Shanna said...

LOVE the pictures! Happy 6 months home!! We just had our 6 month post placement. I don't know where the time has gone.

Lauren and Ed said...

Looks like everyone is doing well!!! I can't believe how quickly Gwen has adjusted...it's like she has been with you all forever!!! On a different note, I need to pick your brain about Arise...I am ready to pick a client...any suggestions?

The Brown Family said...

The time has just flown by...we just had our post placement interview and I had to put some pics together, too. We also just celebrated Pearl's 2 year family day last week (I still need to post!). It seems like we have always had these kids in our family...they have always been in my heart!



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