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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day!!


Crazy Mama said...

Glad she did so well! Tomorrow our little guy goes to preschool for the 3rd time. He has done well so far, but I am waiting for the "other shoe to drop".
It is so hard leaving them!!! I will keep checking in to see how she is doing :)

Beverly said...

way to go!!

Amy Clemons said...

Yay for Mikayla!

Too funny about the name changes. My brother who is now 21 did that one time when he was 4. He got chosen out of thousands of people to pet a dolphin on stage at Sea World. When they asked him his name he replied with some totally unrelated name. My parents just looked at each other speechless. When we asked him why he did that he simply said he liked the other name better. LOL!

My high schoolers do the same thing. One day they want to be called one thing then the next day another.

Lauren and Ed said...

I am so glad she did well...I know you are relieved too! :)


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