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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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Sorry HAVE to vent!! Really, really frustrated today...but its been building and I am sure that there are a lot of you out there feeling the same way.... Here's the deal, I made a speedy trip to the grocery store. Hoping to pick up just a few things while Mikala was in speech. I am very aware that prices have been going up and up and up, for some reason today it just really ticked me off. I wanted to buy some turkey lunch meat at the deli for for sandwiches and was ASTOUNDED to see that the price for STORE BRAND turkey was $5.99 a lbs!! STORE BRAND ham was $7.49!! It was not too long ago you could get store brand for $2.99 (turkey) and $3.99 (ham) in some stores!! On to the next stop...mac and cheese....store brand used to be (and I am talking last month) 3 boxes for a $1.00...today the same was priced at 10 for $10.00, that is $1.00 a box....needless to say shopping ANYWHERE is no longer a pleasure, its sickening....so what if gas prices have dropped a little? This is getting ridiculous already!!


Amy Clemons said...

AMEN sister.... I have been on my soapbox about this lately. Cooking oil is now $3.12 for Wal-mart brand and it was $1.48 a few months ago. Diapers went up almost $2.00 a box and they have fewer in them now. Everything is going SKY HIGH!!!!!

Carrie said...

yes feeling the pressure everywhere!

Wife to the Rockstar said...

I feel ya. I really do. It is awful. I feel like they are just taking advantage of our times.


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