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Monday, November 10, 2008

Puppy pictures...some sad news....

Well, I managed to get some pictures of Mom and puppies yesterday. Sadly, though we lost the first born male. I was worried we would, he was so cold and took a long time to warm up. Once he did warm up, he started to eat and Mom did a good job of caring for him but he was VERY tiny, and I guess just not strong enough....He is the one in the pics that looks "chocolate", and I think he would have been longhaired but its really hard to tell at this early age.
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The Brown Family said...

I love your seasonal look to the blog! When I was scrolling down, on the Gwen then pictures was the one of her in the orange coat holding a basketball. For a split second I thought was a pumpkin she was holding!

The pups are so sweet. I'm sorry that you have lost one.


Amy Clemons said...

Awwww! :0( I was thinking of Cocoa for a name suggestion and I have to admit I really like the "chocolate" one. So sad for momma Cupcake. She looks well though. Hope the rest of your babies do well. I know the kids must be ecstatic. There's just something magical about watching new life emerge.

Shanna said...

Oh my goodness! Puppies drive me crazy!! I think I wouldn't get anything done if I had puppies in my house. I would spend my days cooing and cuddling.
So sorry about the littlest fellow. So sad.


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