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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

This was Gwenny's first Christmas and she had a ball!! It was so great to have our family and friends together for this wonderful occasion, we were missing Glenn's Dad though due to a sore throat, praying he recovers quickly so we can see him soon!!


Keisha said...

Oh My Word.. A chocolate cake on the floor... so, did you do the "5 second" rule?.. You know,.. if it doesn't stay on the floor for no more than 5 seconds.. you can still eat it! LOL!
The kids faces are sooo cute.. opening up their gifts!! And,.. somebody loves The Littlest Pet shop critters! LOL! Those things hurt when you step on them!! Have fun organizing and sorting thru all the Christmas loot.. I'll be doing the same!

Sydney said...

You have a beautiful family and they looked like they had tons of fun. I have enjoyed following your blog for a long time. Your experiences have helped me with my own adoption journey. Christmas is an amazing time and Sydney was so happy to tell everyone that it was Jesus's birthday! Thanks for sharing!


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