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Thursday, January 22, 2009

A favorite from my chicklins'

Hong Bao -- Red Envelopes lucky money Making some 红包 hong bao -- literally red packets -- is a very authentic and easy craft for celebrating Chinese New Year. At the Spring Festival, adults give children these red envelopes with gifts of cash tucked inside!
In English, they are sometimes also called lucky money. Make sure to use a lot of red. Gold or yellow is also popular on hong bao. Make your own!!

How much goes into the envolope?

  • It will depend. Usually the older the children are, the more money they will get. For a child of five years old, 2 dollars will be fine. The amount contained has to be in even numbers.


Colleen said...

I cheated and bought my envelopes...my girls love getting their lucky money on CNY : )

Livin' out loud said...

Colleen, no worries, I did the same thing last year...just needed to be a little more furgal this year and was happy to see how easy they were to make ourselves!!


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