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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Late in posting (sorry!)

I had planned to post an update to our dicision to keep Miss Mikala home verses sending her back to school but life got in the way, as it happens to at times. We DID decide to keep her home, and thanked her teachers and director with flowers on Monday morning. It was a great week in terms of having all my bundles of joy close by! On Wednesday, we welcomed a new member to our family...my brother in law and his wife delivered a 6 lb baby boy, now named Dillon. Mom is doing well, but Dillon is having some complications and needs your prayers. He has to remain at the hospitial for a while longer (not sure yet how long), so our thoughts and prayers have been shifted to this little guy for now.


Carrie said...


Amy Clemons said...

Congratulations! Hope Dillon and mommy are doing well.

Glad that you and Mikala are going to be spending more time together. Must have been a tough decision for you. Glad to see that you are all well.

Keisha said...

pRAYING 4 him now!


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