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Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Mom's personal struggle....

Just LOOK at those eyes, look at that SWEET little face! There is so much PERSONALITY in this little girl! Tomorrow is a day I am truly dreading, its totally and completely silly, but for me it's not. I have SO enjoyed these last two weeks and, try as I might, I have been telling myself not to think about the fact that she is going back to school tomorrow. BUT I can't help it, I want her home, and when she said to me the other day that she wanted to stay home my heart just jumped. I know she would be fine if we sent her back, she loves school, but she loves being home too. The last two weeks she has been HEALTHY. The last two weeks I have not felt the stress of getting her to school on time; rushing her to wake up, eat breakfast and get dressed, and picking her up on time...it may not seem to some a big deal (its only down the road for goodness sakes!!), but having her here with us has been such a JOY. Glenn doesn't want to send her back either, but I know ultimately the dicision lies with me. She IS learning there, but I know she has learned HERE as well this week, and she has had more time to see her friends! So, today I will struggle and pray that the path we chose will be the right one; the one that will help her to thrive and grow in learning and in love.
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Patricia said...

We have home schooled all 6 of ours and never regretted it. ;)
Oh, she does indeed have captivating eyes!

Amy Clemons said...

I know the feeling, girl. You can't go wrong either way. Good Luck!

Keisha said...

I know.. "Torn".. is a better word for us too!
Hope u have a great week!

Kristin said...

I remember those days of sleeping late, getting to school a bit late (because we took our time), and just enjoyed being at home. My days are now rush, rush. But it's okay. It works for us.

But I understand how you could feel torn. As a teacher I say, send her to school!! But as a mom, I understand wanting to keep her home. :-)

She'll be okay either way. Truly, she will. Do what is best for your family.

Buffi said...

I totally understand! We homeschooled our oldest in 1st and 2nd grade. It worked for us...but she's back in public school now..(I couldn't do it effectively with other little ones...I'm just NOT that good!) Anyway...we have been pleased with public school. I've been a stay at home mom for 11 years now and I am SO looking forward to the day when my two little ones get in school. I feel I am a much better mom when I have SOME time away from them. The Lord will show you exactly what to do! i know it's a hard decision!!! But know...either way...she's going to do great!!!

Julie said...
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Anonymous said...

Susie, What did you decide?

I am sure you will make the best decisions for your kids; as you always do.


Your sister Julie

Carrie said...

well, I think you should always do what is best for the child. But all my kids are at home and even though it gets a bit hairy at times they are all learning very well. And I have a great husband that lets me take a day here and there for myself. I will be praying for you!
love and hugs


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