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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Mom remembers...

Ok, lets talk about HOW we found Miss Mikala Yin. We had not initially signed up for China. When we began researching International adoption, we read about several countries. We looked at India first. Our future brother-in-law was from India, wouldn't that be cool? I found two cuties on a list and my heart began to soar as I read about this little boy and little girl (wondering often what ever happened to them..). They were completely unrelated, and I couldn't choose between them, so could we adopt both? No, the agency said. They also said that India is hard to adopt from unless your of that descent. Thinking that maybe we could take more than one (we have so much love to give!!), we looked at Columbia, yes the are LOADS of sibling groups in Columbia! We signed on to Columbia and started the process; the wonderful paperchase. We talked often about what our child (ren) would look like. We couldn't picture it. My heart was already set on a brown-eyed, cleft-affected, beautiful baby girl. Glenn too felt something was not quite right, we began to talk about countries again....we talked about China, and all the children who needed homes there, we were hesitant because we were still thinking "more than one", and China doesn't allow this (or have many sibling groups). China, had our daughter though, and it was a simple Ladybug that would give us the confirmation we needed. After contacting our agency and social worker we never had another moments hesitation, this was were God had meant us to be! God has taught us such amazing things through our adoption journeys, but one I needed the most was patience. I became extremely impatient for her to be home, and the more impatient I became the longer the wait seemed to get. There were several "glitches" along our journey to Miki, but in hindsight they certainly did make that "moment" all the sweeter.

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The Brown Family said...

Thanks for sharing this story. It's always so incredible how we are led to our children.

She was just a tiny little bug in that referral pic. She has blossomed into such a darling girl. It's amazing what a home and family can do for all of us!



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