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Friday, May 08, 2009

Mikala's Visit With Shriner's Hosptial in Chicago

We are back! (WHEW!) What an exhausting trip, we did not get home from the airport until 2 AM! It was a very worthy trip though, and all of that is due to our VERY cooperative daughter!! Definite KUDOS for Miss Mikala this time, as she allowed them to use a scope to view the palate (did not even cry or complain once!!), p-flap and muscle movement within. This was not a fun task for her. They stick a loooong spaghetti-like tube, with a light on the end up her nose and she has to talk. I was able to "see" the new palate and p-flap, and some movement, but she is not utilizing it like they hoped. On the new palate side, there was hardly any movement. They are concerned, but really want us to be aggressive with her speech therapy for now, to "see" if possibly she can learn to use it without further surgeries to that area. There is still a small hole behind her front teeth, but that is not repaired until 7-8yrs of age, when we start looking at what to do with her teeth. She also allowed Xrays, but unfortunately the Dentist was not in that day (HUGE bummer!!) so we are not sure exactly what her teeth look like yet. She will however be returning to Shriner's this summer for a tonsillectomy. We have been having lots of issues with her tonsils, and they think its best at this point to have them out. Mikala has sleep apnea and they are hoping this will help where that is concerned as well. Thanks for all the prayers!
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KiT said...

Good job Mikala! Those visits go so much better when the kiddos are a little older and can cooperate more. We've managed to avoid "the scope" so far, and I am glad since I doubt she would tolerate it well. B is in speech 4 times a week now, 2 county 45 min sessions and 2 private ($$) 30 minute sessions a week. It has helped A LOT, but I can tell she is feeling burned out right now. Does Mikala start kindergarten in the Fall? B is supposed to and it's hard to know how it will go with the speech issues.

The Brown Family said...

Thanks for the Mother's Day card! You are so great to think of me.


3D said...

Good to hear!

Keep smilin!


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