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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Who made this big mess???

No one can say that kids do not have imagination. When left to their own devices they WILL create (a mess)......Here we see two girls who have devised a plan to build a series of tents. Using this family dining area for their endeavor, they have taken several blankets and layered them over the tables and chairs, holding them in place with books. Add some throw pillows and WALA! you have a man (girl) made fort for playing!
DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that playing under a low clearance table can yield a terrible bump on the head if not careful. Should this happen, please run screaming and crying in great distress to Mom, who will likely heal the hurt with ice, kisses and a lecture on why this may not have been a good idea in the first place.
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Karen said...

Looks like fun, Ash would love to build that too. By the way, I lovethe new background and header

Norah said...

Oh gosh, you should see the tents/forts that are built in this house. They raid every bed, linen closet and bathroom (towels! LOL) possible. Beyond elaborate. Hehehe.


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