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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The following was posted on one of my groups...this one hit me straight in the chest, not only is her name the same as Gwenny's Chinese name-but they are exactly one month apart in age! Please post or forward this!

Please read and pray for this girl. I have seen her on the video with

our son and she is sweet!

Please forward to other adoptive groups we are hoping she touches

someone's heart!!

Amanda LaComb

It saddens me to report that not ONE person has asked to see the file


> this child. Not ONE..


> Her name is Hong and she is 9. She was at the Shanghai Journey of Hope

> camp with my son. She is bright, she knows sign language, she's

> beautiful

> and she has NO family. Still.


> Soon, all of her friends who were at the Journey of Hope camp with her

> will leave. They will be picked up by their families and taken home

> to be

> loved. But not her.


> There MUST be a family somewhere for her, they just havent seen my

> posts

> yet.


> There is a video available, photos, an interview. Lots of

> information is

> available for this little girl. Her teachers say she is an awesome

> student, always trying to get good grades and please them


> Please take a look at her info. She is on the Allforchildren. org

> website

> and her name is Hong.


> Or.... please post her info, help me advocate for her, help me find

> her a

> family. Please.


1 comment:

Julie said...

If only it weren't so hard to adopt! I would want her!


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