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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Six-week project

This year HS has been pretty boring. We have only taken one field trip, and have not really done anything exciting. I'm not really sure why, maybe lack of creativity on my part...Last year we spent many holidays taking a couple of days to focus on the special reasons, and history behind the major holidays, so that Gwenny could learn the important dates and understand the excitement those dates tend to bring. This year, nada-it appeared my creative juices had stopped flowing! Until Monday that is...I receive several emails from HS connections and my eyes caught onto the one that was offering a free (I know, great word, right?!) e-book for lent. I checked it out, printed it out, and that is where the excitement began to build! I took the little e-book and ran with it! At first I thought we'd just spend a 1/2hr or so a day working through the activities, but once I hit the internet in search of more info it began to take the shape of something much-MUCH bigger. Therefore, for the next 6-weeks, we are dropping all of our regularly scheduled classes EXCEPT language and math, and daily journal (too important!!!)-to spend time on our now HUMUNGOUS project. And...I am completely excited to be spending this time focusing on what Jesus has done for us!!!! Here is the link for the free ebook, I hope your family will find yourselves as fired up over our Savior as we are! 
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