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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A time to write

Often, when I am wandering about with a few minutes to think, well, thoughts ;-) I will mentally write posts for the blog. I have so many, many things I would love to write about but usually life gets in the way....not that I would change a thing...I love our blessedly busy life!
I sometimes feel so behind though and would really like to make more time for what I consider some pretty good therapy. Writing has a way helping you to clear your thoughts; to put things in perspective.
Today I am going to write about Gwenny's birthday cake. This was a BIG deal for me, and something I am so proud of. I had a "cake phobia". What I mean is that because my DH used to be a pastry chef, who could make something, absolutely BEAUTIFUL, as well as tasty, it was my fear that nothing I could possibly do would ever LOOK that wonderful. I even attempted it once, years ago. It was a complete disaster....not that it tasted bad, it just LOOKED really, really awful! It did rise properly and fell apart the moment I tried to take it out of the pan. I used icing to literally glue it together and even as I did that, it crumbled as I tried to spread the icing.
Fast forward to last February. Something in me changed. I WANTED to try this cake-thing again and Gwen's upcoming birthday became my inspiration. I vowed to be more patient this time. I let the cake COOL before I attempted to take it out of the pan, and I waited before frosting it. It still crumbled some, leaned a little to the left, and was totally plain looking (I didn't dare attempt anything fancy lol), but Gwen LOVED it! She rated and raved about it. In fact, all the kiddos loved it and so did DH. I felt so good to have faced this little fear and come out on the other side unharmed! It gave me the courage to keep trying, to practice and this year for Gwenny's birthday I was able to do this.........
Now, I would not have chosen yellow as my artistic accent color-but that is Gwenny's favorite color and that is what she wanted. I honestly cannot wait for the next birthday, which is Logan's, whose favorite color is green :-)

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Norah said...

It's beautiful and looks oh so delicious !


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