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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Birth to Now Timeline...

I remember doing this when Logan was in first grade. I remember thinking about this project when we adopted our girls. I worried what it would mean to them. Would it bring on anxieties? Would it make them feel weird to have gaps in their timelines? When we did Logan's it was required to be much more extensive than they required for Miss Mikala. At first, I was grateful for that! Then I realized I need not worry, she had FUN doing this... looking back...remembering.
We have always talked about the girls adoption stories, so for them its just who they are.
Its THEIR story....now Gwen is asking to do one too!!
I feel so blessed to have two girls who are so proud of who they are and where they come from!!
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Kristin said...

What a great timeline! We haven't had that project yet but I anticipate doing it at some point. =)

Jodi said...

Love this! I am already stressing about 1st grade next year and the whole timeline thing - but this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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