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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gearing up for Prairie Life...

We have been busy bees!! Almost all the flooring is in, we have one little area to complete but have a floor and trim repair to do before it can be fully completed.The repair will take a bit of time, but is well worth doing now rather than later.
The dog run and temporary chicken coup are almost completely finished!! I say "temporary" chicken coup because we hope to have the final coup built on the other 1.25 acre that has yet to be cleared and cleaned up...(see pics)
Our goal is to get everything in a livable condition so we can move in and complete things from there, rather than driving back and forth on days off! Yesterday I was so sad to leave! Its wonderful to look out and see so much space...so much wildlife....I love watching Bella and the kids running all over, discovering baby bunnies, and birds they have never seen. 

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