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Monday, January 31, 2011

Prairie life: Update from the country...

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Well its the end of the month which means that it is time to shop again. So how'd we do? Pretty darn good!! I did the shopping at the beginning of the month with the plan to try and not shop again until February...in mid January we hit the local Flea Market and purchased some veggies (cheat #1). Yesterday, we all had a hankering for hamburgers and since we were already in town we decided to pick up some hamburger meat and buns (I am completely out of flour since last week!), ice cream...cookies....sausages....(cheat #2)ok-not so good!! BUT in my defense, I actually did have hamburger meat and sausage in the freezer...and I could have thawed it...but this was more convenient(and no flour to make buns!!)...oh well, still pretty proud that we did that well!! My pantry and freezer are now pretty empty, so we will see if we can do better this month-I have high hopes!!
The kiddos had a good month. We found some more horses on the next block that LOVE attention...they come right up to the fence and listen intently when we talk to them. The girls couldn't have been more thrilled and have announced that they love to take walks now (yipppppeee for me!!). Logan told me the other day how much he likes my "new laugh"....I was like.."whatever do you mean?" ...Gwenny said, "Yea Mom, you laugh a lot more now!!" Hmmm...hadn't really noticed that, but I AM happy, happy, happy!! This is sooo the life for me!!

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Sharon said...

What a beautiful ending to that post! Children are so smart and really pick up on every detail. I'm happy that you are happy. I love your 'new' life!


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